Frequent Re-starts @ the time of booting - Intel Core i3/i5-2933

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by binoymenon, Jul 8, 2010.

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    My system re-starts everytime switch it on. It even re-starts a couple of times even when I give the restart from the OS.

    First of all it takes a while for it to power on. Then before RAm/HDD gets detected it restarts. Again it restarts during and after POST. While the OS gets loaded it sometimes restarts again.

    Once the system is up and running it works pretty fine.

    @ the time of POST the screen sometimes freezes and then gets re-started.

    1. Is this a problem with the power supply? Sys. config given below. Its a 1 month old PC.

    2. My RAM is supposed to be 1333.3 Mhz clock speed. I tried several utilities and all of them show only 666 MHz. Any clues?

    CPU: Intel Core i3/i5-2933
    Motherboard:Giga-Byte H57M-USB3
    Memory:Corsair DDR3 4096 MB
    HDD(s):Seagate 1TB
    Graphics card(s): Onboard 1024 MB
    Sound card: Creative X-Fi Fatality Pro
    Speakers: Creative Inspire T6100
    Gaming peripherals: NA
    Optical drive(s): LG DVD
    Power Supply: 500W
    CPU Cooler:
    Fans: 3
    Case: Zebronics
    Keyboard: MS Wireless
    Mouse: MS Wireless
    Display: Samsung Syncmaster B1930
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Build 2600
    Internet Service Provider: BSNL
    CPU-Z URL: CPU-Z Validator 3.1

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    There might be a reason your OS is corrupted or damaged.Set your BIOS settings to default settings.
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    Or you try to increase max system temp from BIOS.

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