GeForce 6600 Preview

Discussion in 'News and Article Comments' started by Big B, Aug 12, 2004.

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    PC Perspective has a preview of nVidia's mainstream GF6 series card. really puts a charge back in the graphics industry to see technologies like SLI coming back in the scene, especially with a card at the $200 price range. Not to mention that here we are seeing the 0.11 micron process at work for NVIDIA and that can only mean great things for the future flagship products as well. I think a 6800 chip clocked at 600 MHz sounds good, don't you?

    The ability to run D00M 3 at 1600x1200 for less than $200 makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Read it for the same feeling.
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    I heard that the unlike ATi Radeon's X series, Nvidia's Geforce 6 Series is actually based on a new archecture. Is this really true?

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