GeForce GTX 550 VS. Radeon HD6850 VS. 2x GeForce 9800 GT

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  1. What´s up everyone.
    I´d like to upgrade my videocard soon, but I can´t choose between 3 choices:

    1. The MSI N550GTX Ti Cyclone II 1GD5/OC with a GeForce GTX 550

    2. The MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition/OC with a Radeon 6850HD

    3. Two crossfired Gigabyte GB-N98TSL-1GI with a GeForce 9800 GT (Already got 1)

    Now, I'm not sure what to pick, but what I do know, is that my current case is not big enough to hold 2x of the 3rd one (They're HUGE), so I will have to buy a new case, and on top of that, take everything out of the old one and put it back together in the new case.
    Furthermore, if I buy any other videocard besides the 3rd one, my friend will buy my current GB-N98TSL-1GI from me.
    Every post is appreciated, and more suggestions of videocards are more than welcome!
    Thanks in advance :D

    My computer is put together mainly for gaming purposes.
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    Well, according to, theoretical (not atual) results speculate that the HD outperformed the GTX. However, the GTX consumed more power.
    My advice: take HD. The specs are outstanding. Otherwise, if you're an avid nVidia fan (like me) and want to save about 20 bucks, get the GTX.
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  3. Oh wow, that website is so awesome! That website alone helped me out alot already.
    Hm. Well, thanks to that website, I've decided that I'm going to get the Radeon HD6870, despite me being a huge nVidia fan.. (Good guess ;)). But with that, the problem of what card to take arises. :(
    Would you mind helping me out once again? I'd like to get a card that's not over 180 euros/255 dollars/157 pounds, with the Radeon HD6870. It has to have a HDMI port, and it needs to fit with my current specs. (See signature)
    Once again, thanks alot man. :D
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    Glad to help man ;). I just found out about that website myself. I liked it so much i linked it, near my signature.
    And as far as budget goes, I just might make your decision a bit more challenging: You can get this HD6870 which will come at $210/148euro + whatever the shipping cost is to Deutschland. Or, you can get this HD6950 for $245/172euro + shipping. Just thought i should throw that at you. Choose wisely!
    p.s. - if you ever decide to CrossFire (buy another HD68xx/69xx), your motherboard is fully capable of doing so. ;)
  5. .. Deutschland? Lmfao xD Its The Netherlands, lol.
    But yeah, bookmarked it. Will definitely use it more often.
    Also, unfortunately, that HD6950 doesn't ship to Europe, and it's not available in Europe either. :(
    So yeah, I s'pose I'll stick with the HD6870. That card looks good, I might end up buying it. :)
    For the.. What, third time? Thanks alot. xD
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    Hm, that's too bad. I thought Newegg shipped international.
    Cool, stick with the 6870.
    And please, there are no limits to your number of questions. I and all the other members are always here to help ;)

    p.s. - I love the Netherlands. Can't wait to go back!
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    6850 of course

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