Google Transit Beta launches

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    Google revealed plans to allow users to search for public transport methods in their local cities. The search function gives you bus directions and what bus routes to take in order to get from point A to B.

    Currently, Google only offer transit planning for the city of Portland, but they plan to expand to cities in the country and around the world shortly. Transit works well in Internet Explorer 6+ and Mozilla Firefox 0.8+.

    Transit will also calculate the cost of driving, cost of driving is based on the average mileage for the shortest route between your start and end addresses and the cost per mile (40.5 cents) that the IRS allows businesses to deduct. This is only an estimate and doesn't include things like tolls, parking fees, or variations in gas mileage for different types of cars.

    Check it out.
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    Looks pomising, but my search was outside their current coverage area.

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