Google Video to have unlimited file sizes

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    REMEMBER WHERE you were when you heard that Google was giving away a gigabyte of storage with its GMail service?

    It was the geek equivalent of when Elvis died – a game-changing event. You knew your mailbox was never going to be the same again.

    Well, Google is doing it again, taking on the likes of YouTube via a breakthrough offering that is destined to strap a rocket to the so-far earthbound Google Video service.

    The news here is that Google is not imposing restrictions on file size uploads. It just wants you to post your stuff in as hi-res a format as you know how.

    It might be a very good time to buy shares in data storage firms. At this rate Google will have to buy up Canada for its datacentre, never mind build out the planned plant on the Oregon-Washington border. µ

    Full story at Inquirer.

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    Wow... surely not. People will post full feature films.

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