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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pelvis_3, Jan 12, 2007.

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    Probably for the first time ever, I purchased something for use with something else. Today, I bought a new 26 inch Teac LCD television
    for AU$1599. Fully High Definition compatible with DVI, Component, HDMI (v1.3 I assume) and everything else.
    Along with the TV, for good measure I threw in a new HD Set Top box for AU$289.
    The complete tech specs are Here and Here if you want a look.
    I got this TV specifically for the PS3 and/or the Xbox 360 when I get them just so i can fully enjoy the full HD experience.
    Currently I can only watch analogue TV because my outdoor aerial isn't of the best quality, so the next step is a new aerial installation
    and some top quality leads. All in all, I guess I just wanted to tell someone in my otherwise boring life the ridiculuos amount of
    money that needs to be spent just to get full HD.
    The end.
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    I bought a Samsung HD LCD TV 27 inch. Costed €799 (1037 US Dollar). The quality of the cable signal was poor. So I bougt a digital receiver from Samsung, costed €99 (129 US Dollar). Now I have a great video and audio quality. The PS3 will be sold in Europe in March 2007. I'll buy the 60 GB edition :p

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