[H]ard|OCP is Starting PSU Reviews

Discussion in 'News and Article Comments' started by Big B, Feb 25, 2007.

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    [H]ard|OCP finally has the people and equipment in place to start dishing out power supply reviews. Proper power supply reviews.

    Don’t look for the black helicopters just yet; there are simple and correct answer for those questions. Quite simply, the design and implementation of the vast majority of power supply “reviews” is flawed in such a way that they won’t find any substantial differences between units or even actually test the power supply in any meaningful way. Often, these “reviews” will involve nothing more than installing the power supply into the biggest baddest review rig that the person doing the review can scrape together and then recording the voltages in MBM5 or Everest or the BIOS or some combination of the three. Some of these reviews take a step in the right direction by using a digital multimeter (DMM) to record the voltages. However, these reviews are still misguided and lacking in that they are recording only a snapshot of what the output voltage looks like on one rail at a time and doing so with one given load. These reviews all miss the most important aspects of the power supply review.

    It's just an editorial on their testing methodology, but seeing the scope of their other reviews, you can expect another fine source of trustworthy power supply reviews.

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