HD 5450 heatsink replacement?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Luis Valentin, Aug 13, 2011.

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    So i decided to upgrade from a Radeon X1300 to an HD5450... Awesome!

    except that the heasink/fan on the 5450 is the worst and cheapest Heatsink My eyes ever did see. Its this skinny single sheet of copper or something with a plastic fan on top. I didn't care much for it at first since It ran C.O.D just fine with the settings maxed out and was on all day until i decided to do some casual browsing then "Video Scheduling" BSOD... Checked the heatsink and it was HOT! and the ram chips since their off to the side with no form of heat displacement what so ever where cool compared to the heatsink.

    SO either the BSOD was related to something else or it was the heat...

    Either way i was looking around to replace the crappy heatsink with something better but most i see are CPU heatsinks and I'm worried that i might get a pushpin (or screws..watever) heatsink that would be too big or small for it

    Any advice is greatly appreciated
    (new here but not new to forums)

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