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Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by garyevs, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I don't know if this is the correct section for this post, I have also placed it in the motherboards section.

    I have built a number of PC's over the last few years, and up until now have not has any major problems. I have obviously has the odd niggle but have been able to sort the problems out.

    However, I now have a problem which is causing me a major headache. I will give as much detail as possible.
    I had 2 PC's which have been working perfectly well for a number of years, the specs are:

    Main PC:

    P4 3.0Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Mobo
    2 GB RAM
    3 Maxtor HD's (2 IDE & 1 SATA)
    Sapphire 1650 Graphics card.
    Windows XP with all the updates

    Second PC:

    P4 2.0Ghz
    Dell mobo (GX240 Tower)
    1 Ghz Ram
    3 WD Hard drives (all IDE)
    Onboard graphics
    Windows XP with all the updates

    I decided to build a new machine, make my current main PC into my second PC and then discontinue use of the Dell machine.

    I built the new PC using the original case (as this was a full tower). I retained 2 of the data hard drives from the original machine and used them in the new one. All the other components were new and it works fine at the moment. I installed the remains of the old main PC (Processor, mobo, ram, graphics card) into another case I had, along with a new power supply, as the old one was noisy. I also used a data hard drive from the original second PC and a new Seagate SATA. This is where the problems started.

    The machine booted up fine, recognised the HD's in the BIOS and during bootup. After Windows loaded the data drive from the old machine was showing as not being formatted. When looking in the Disk Manager, it was also showing as being partitioned, around 30GB showing as healthy, the rest as non-allocated (this was a 200GB drive).

    The new SATA was fine and formatted OK. I turned the Machine off, unplugged the SATA & IDE drives and connected another IDE data drive I had. After turning the machine back on, this data drive was OK.

    I turned the machine off and plugged the SATA drive back in, this was now not formatted and partitioned in the same way as the original data drive was. The only thing that was new was the power supply, so I took the new one out. I was unable to reinstall the original one as I had given it to a friend. I had another supply, so I put that one in and reformatted both HD's. I rebooted and it seemed ok. I left if for a day or two, and the drives were recognised each time the machine started, so I thought that the new power supply may have been spiking, causing problems with the HD's.

    The power supply I had installed was only a 300W, so there may have been problems with the amount of drain on the system. I therefore swapped it out with a more powerful supply, which I had forgotten I had. On rebooting, one of the drives was again not recognised and partitioned like before. Therefore, the problem could not have been with the power supply. It worked fine for a couple of days, the problem only seemed to resurface after drives, etc were unplugged and reconnected.

    It could be the motherboard, but I don't particularly want to buy another one if its not necessary.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    so if u hook the same HDD with another computer it works...ryt?
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    not after its has been corrupted by this machine...it still shows as unformatted.

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