Help me with my PSU!

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Arka Bose, Dec 21, 2008.

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    Hi,actually,i built a PC recently but due to some voltage changes in my house,there was a POP/CRACK sound from my PSU while running my PC.
    Now I know that my PSU is dead,but will it affect my system further?like the mainboard,the GPU or the CPU etc???
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    It might have...could have...

    The power supply unit in today's modern computer assumes a role probably more critical than any other single component in your system.

    A poor PSU can also cause other components to fail in your computer.

    The right Brand names = Quality
    Some approved Brand names follow...

    Seasonic - any model
    Corsair - any model
    Thermaltake - "Toughpower" series only
    Coolermaster - "Real Power Pro" series only
    PC Power & Cooling - any model
    Silverstone - any model

    Unless you are not into some serious gaming a 650 watt or higher will take care of your needs.

    If you are a serious gamer a 750 Watt, or a little higher will be all that you would need.
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    He's right. It's very hard to say without testing everything out. Crappy PSU's tend to do a lot more damage, but you really don't know until you systematically check the parts out.

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