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    I wrote this email to a friend, but I thought maybe one of you can help me quicker, so just ignore the explanations of what wires are what cause I know you all know them already :)

    Dude I need some help this shit is driving me crazy. Ok so I bought 2 atx power supplies...they worked great when I got them (in order to get them to run without a computer you short out the green wire to ground) so all i did was remove the cover and remove the wires I don't need. the first PSU I tried to de-solder them and solder the green green wire to the ground wire so it looks all professional and shit, but it stopped working afterwards. so i bought another and it came today in the mail. this time i did the same thing but instead of using the soldering pen i just cut the wires at the base and just twisted the green and ground wires. and now that one does the same thing. as soon as I turn the switch on the fan spins for a split second and the voltage goes up to like 3v instead of 12v then starts going down steadily to 0v. Also all the voltage sources (12v, 5v, 3.3v, etc.) are now all connected somehow (they read 0 resistance on an ohm meter). I don't know what's going on man. all i'm doing is shorting out the green wire and removing the ones i don't need (which none of them are connected to anything or each other so how is that different from just removing it). i'm not shorting anything else and i'm not even heating it up this time [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] help me!!
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    what exactly are you trying to use the power supplies for?
    are you clipping off all the wires except for 12v lines only?
    are you using the right ground wire for the 12v line?
    ground is ground except each rail has its own ground and its important to use the right ground for each rail.
    what power supply do you have?
    what are you trying to power? be specific about not just what it is but what its power requirements are.

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