How Much Will I Make Per Month With A Rx480 On Goldminer ?

Discussion in 'Video Cards, Displays and TV Tuners' started by stephen.thiel, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Hey, I have been running Goldminer for a couple months (link

    For those who don't know it, it is a windows app that allows you to share your computing power with a network called Ethereum.
    Application developers who are running apps on this network pay for that, and you can get a pretty decent share of what they are paying depending on your hardware (the most important is the GPU).

    I've been doing quite well so far, as I have been earning approximately 95-130 $ per month :p with my R9 290x which paid itself back three times already. It has run smoothly for several months without any issues.
    I want to make a bit more (eheh that's free money basically :), so I would like to buy a new GPU.

    As the 480 is coming out soon, with a pretty nice price tag, I was wondering how much it would make, by comparing its computing power to the 290x. I know what matters is the number of computing units and their clock, while memory clock and bandwith don't matter much.

    Also, the 14nm would mean less power usage, as I currently spend 1/4 of what I earn on the bill :haha: it would be even better to increase the profit on that point.

    What do you think ? Thanks :)
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    A die shrink can help on power, but it's only a factor. To notice the difference, you need to do an apples-to-apples comparison, preferably same clock speed on the GPU and RAM between two cards. In theory, it should deliver improvements on performance and power. As with any new product, waiting is hard but still a good idea.

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