How to connect satellit tv decoder directly to computer lcd monitor itself

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    i wanna know,
    i have a satellit tv decoder [sd broadcasting] connected to an old tv,
    my tv only has yellow and red AV-In port, the white port not available, so when i turn on the tv, the sound only came out from its righr speaker cuz red port is for

    Is there available any converter or what that i can use to merge the 2 audio channels into 1 so that i can connect it to the red port that will make my tv's speaker

    produces sound at both sides. need i just use a y-cable?

    because of the problem, i'm planning to replace a new tv. then i'm thinking of buying lcd monitor.
    question is, is there exists lcd monitor that sized 26" and above up to 29"? and how much it'll cost? is there available monitor 26"++ unbranded and how much in USD?
    and how to connect? rgd/component red green blue wires are connected to monitor using converter wire and rca wires audio red and white are connected to external

    speakers, like that? will the video quality reduced due to usage of converting wire to connect to lcd?

    My fren once said that a saler at computer accessories shop told him that the lcd would burn if he use an old cpu, caused by incompactibality of that and this blah

    blah blah.... if i connect tv decoder to lcd monitor like this, will it blown/exploded/damaged? possible?

    one more, bcoz of the satellite tv provider only broadcasting in SD, what about the view on the screen [monitor that at least, 720p resolution]? i meant, is it will

    have black border at every edges of the monitor, e.g. monitor 1280x720 n broadcasting size only 640x480, so picture displayed on screen will be only 640x480 at the

    center and then black border for the rest, like that?

    sorry for really troublesome, but i wanna comfirm these b4 buy the monitor...........

    Thank u in advance..
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    Welcome to HWF :)

    You can purchase an RCA to 3.5mm audio convertor plug, which can be connected to regular computer speakers. You can connect the video cable to a VGA monitor by using a composite to VGA convertor plug. You can get these in computer stores and on the web (cablesdirect for instance).

    Composite to VGA video:

    RCA to 3.5 audio:
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    I think that you should have HDMI on you satellite decoder, that you can easily connect to you LCD using cable.

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