How To Set Up Charter Email On An Apple Iphone

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  1. @ Charter email technical support helpdesk

    1. From the Recovery Option & Credentials page, select Reset Password, enter the email address associtated with your Spectrum Business account and then select Next.
    2. An email containing a link to reset your password will be sent to the contact address on file. Check your inbox for a Password Change Request email from Spectrum Business. Note: The reset password link expires in 24 hours. Please check your email and reset your password within 24 hours of receiving the password change request email.
    3. Select the Reset Password link.
    4. If prompted, enter the Username associated with the password you're trying to reset and then choose Next. You may be asked to provide your username if multiple users are associated with the email address you provided.
    6. Answer your Security Question and then select Next.
    Enter your New Password and then choose Next.
    7. A Password Reset Complete message will display, confirming that your password was reset successfully. Select Continue and you'll automatically be redirected to the Account Summary page.

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