hp dc 7700 sff power problem with pciex 16x

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by stafie julien, Jun 21, 2011.

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    -I have a problem with HP DC 7700 SFF, the specs say that the 16x
    pciex slot is assigned a maximum power of 25 W and so I could
    install in the best case a Radeon HD 5450 which is in the limit of
    25 W but is not a big difference from my current video card a hd 4350 .
    -My question is what happens if i install a video card with a
    maximum consumption of 35 W because if you calculate the total
    power remains quite enough for a better card.

    my configuration
    -power source 230 w (80 plus)

    -processor > celeron e3400 ....65 w max

    -memory > 4 gb 667 mhz ....20 w

    -two hard drives ....20 w

    -motherboard intelq965 chipset ....20 w

    -no dvd writer (disconnected)

    125 (+/- 10 w)

    iff the power source can give say 200 w real power would still be enough

    please someone help im quite desperate !!!

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