HP LJ printer drivers won't install on Win7 machine

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by Hfritsche, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Hello all,
    I recently bought a new Win7 computer. Prior, had a home LAN w/3 XP machines. Replaced one of the XPs w/ the new one.

    Own a HP LJ 1300 laser printer. Attached it to the new computer via USB. Downloaded and installed the 64-bit drivers and it works great. Also downloaded the newest 32-bit drivers so that my XP machines can still print via the network.

    The network refuses the recognize the 32-bit drivers and will not install them. I can individually install them on each XP machine (with the printer connected directly to it) and it works fine. I even tried the original install disk to no avail. I get the same result whether I try to install using the Win7 machine or try to install the network printer from one of the XP machines. "Windows cannot locate the correct drivers" or something to that effect.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I'm out of them. I suppose I could buy a new printer and solve the problem. The 1300 is about 7 yrs old but it still prints perfectly and does everything I want it to do so replacing it is my last resort.

    I appreciate your help.


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