I think my PSU is dying!

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by megamaced, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Hello HWF :)

    Every now and then, when I boot my computer from cold for example, I hear a horrible grinding sound! I have discovered that this sound is coming from my PSU fan because it's not turning! However, if I turn my computer off straight away and turn it back on again, the fan works! :confused: . It will keep on working as long as I keep the computer powered up. Then next time I boot it from cold however, it will most likely (but not always) not work! And I have to repeat the process again.

    Does this sound like a PSU that's on it's last legs? :(

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this: Replace it!

    The PSU is a Sparkle 235W for my custom ECS build (see my computer)
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    If the PSU uses a standard form-factor fan, you can replace it with a like fan using a little solder and a lot of caution. Remember, PSUs can store a charge long after it has been unplugged, so don't touch anything in there! If you feel uncomfortable about the idea, just replace the PSU.

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