Imminent HD Failure

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by Bearprint, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Hello everyone, a few days ago I turned on my laptop HP Compaq 615 with Windows 7 as usual and was shocked to see this on the screen:

    1720 - SMART Hard Drive detects Imminent Failure (failing attribute: C8)
    Please back up the contents of the hard drive and run HD Self Test in F10 Setup

    Underneath in the corner, it says:

    F1: Continue
    F10: BIOS setup

    As the fool I was, I ignored this the first couple of days and played Half-Life 2, surfed on the net etc., but today when I started, Windows 7 was not operating, I tried opening a game or internet explorer, but then Windows immediately crashed with a small error box. I also tried running the tests in the F10 Setup, but to no use, it just says SMART Test Failure, so it isn't working either. I guess if I should have any luck solving this mayhem, it should be in the BIOS setup, because IE is crashing every single time.

    Oh, and I ran a virus scan yesterday when Windows was still working and deleted an Exploit virus.

    Oh, and would I be able to get my money back or a new laptop?

    Please help,

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    Welcome to HWF :)
    You should replace your hard drive. If the laptop is still under warranty, it should be possible to have it repaired for free.

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