In need of an excellent gaming computer under $1000

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by Nick9108, Jul 15, 2012.

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    I need a gaming computer that can run games like:

    GTA 4
    ArmA: Combined Operations
    Diablo 3
    Max Payne 3
    Call Of Duty
    Battlefield 3

    Everyone is telling me to build one, but I don't have clue on what to do. Someone help!
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    Since you already have a budget which is under $1000, and you're gonna use your computer for gaming...
    Figure out whether you'd want AMD or Intel and if your going to overclock your system.
    Research for components/parts and their price then write or type them, change anything to fit the budget.

    Notes: For CPU and Motherboard just check their socket types to see if they're compatible. for GPU, check motherboard if they have a PCI slot, mainly they all have one except for m-ITX boards.. PSU for one GPU 650w-700w is enough, two GPU's 850w-1000w depending on the card. RAM, 8Gb is enough, anything more is of preference. SSD, if you want loading times, copy-paste work to do faster, and windows to boot faster.

    Found this at newegg, AMD 2nd Gen FX-8320 build for $514.99
    you'd have around 400-500 dollars to buy a card or two!!! :D

    Try a 7870 card or 7970 or a GTX 680.. you'll get awesome fps, or overkill depending on you monitor.


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