Intel CPU upgrade?? need info

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by RacerX, Jul 29, 2002.

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    OK i opened my case and my mother board says
    P2XBL REV.B1
    I have a slot 1 350mhz intel, and 3 ram banks, w/ 64mb taking up one bank.

    Using Tweak-xp it tells me under system info PII/PII Xeon Genuine Intel.

    I need to know how much ram the pc can handle and the fastest processor I can install in the board. I have no books or boxs or anything on the board.

    I have a friend who installed a PIII 1.0Ghz slot 1 processor in his PII 450Mhz Dell board.

    I'm really looking to install a 400-500 Mhz processor and install at least 256mb of ram

    Any help I would appreciate it


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    That's a tricky question to answer, because some boards can and others can't. If it can, it may simply need a BIOS update, otherwise you're SOL. I'm not sure who made your computer, but if it's something like Dell, Gateway, etc., they can tell you exactly how high you can go. You should be able to put at least a 450MHz Pentium II in. After that, it's really dependent on the motherboard.
    Just because your friends PC can accept a 1GHz chip doesn't mean yours will.
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    DFI P2XBL Slot 1 Motherboard

    Intel Celeron® Processor 266MHz-333MHz (66Mhz).
    Intel Pentium® II Processor 233MHz-366MHz (66Mhz).
    Intel Pentium® II Processor 350MHz-450MHz (100Mhz)
    Slot 1 Socket for Future Expansion.

    Intel 82440 BX AGPset

    Cache memory
    CPU Built-in 128KB/512KB L2 cache for Celeron/Pentium II Processor

    System Memory
    3 x 168-pin 3.3v DIMM sockets support
    Supports 8/16/32/64/128 MB DIMM Module
    Supports SDRAM PC66 & 100(Supports ECC, 72 bit)
    Supports 8MB to 384MB DRAM Size
    Supports 66/75/83/100/103/112/133 MHz System Clock Speed Setting
    Supports 1.5-8.0 Multiplier Setting

    2 X PCI Bus Master UDMA/33 IDE ports (up to 4 ATAPI Devices)
    Supports for PIO Mode 3, 4, UDMA/33 IDE & ATAPI CD-ROM

    I/O Interface
    1x floppy port (360KB-2.88MB)
    2x serial ports (16550 high-speed)
    1x parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP)
    PS/2 Keyboard
    PS/2 Mouse
    2x USB

    Expansion slot
    4 x PCI 32-bit slots, PCI 2.1 compliant
    3 x ISA 16-bit slots
    1x AGP (1x & 2x Mode,66/133MHz) slot
    Supports Creative PCI Sound Card SB-Link™.

    Power Management
    Power On by LAN, RTC Alarm, Modem ring on, Keyboard & Mouse & Soft-Power Switch
    Power Off by Windows® 95 Shut down & Soft-Power Switch
    Supports 3 Level ACPI LED

    Form Factor
    ATX Form Factor, 4 layer PCB
    Fits in Regular ATX Case (30.48 x 19cm)
    ATX Connector on Board
    Double Deck ATX Back Panel

    2 Mbit (256KB) FLASH RAM
    Award PCI BIOS with Green, PnP, DMI, INT13 (HD>8.4)and Anti-Virus Functions
    LS120, ZIP, ATAPI CD-ROM, IDE #1, #2, #3, #4 Bootable
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    Thanks Everyone

    Hey all u guys really helped,
    big b need more ppl like u in the world, see u try and help out everyone in all the forums.
    Sniper -that web page was correct thats my board, im doing the bios update and Im going to put a pIII 500 mhz chip in since it said it would support it. Thanks for taking the time to research it
    syngod - also thanks for taking ur time too, to look around post that info


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