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    hi guys, right i'm about to start an IPv6 project i've decided to do initially it will probably be an IPv6 over IPv4 which means transmmiting IPv6 traffic over an existing IPv4 network, this will obviously be an Open Source project with maybe an optional donation, i really don't know, possible feedback posts awaited

    this project is obviously a temporary fix to the inpending exaustion of IPv4 addresses, would anyone be interested in this project ?

    and any input would be welcomed

    p.s. i will also be working a full blown IPv6 soloution soon which will also be Open Source


    Edit: the IPv6 project is temp on hold, while i study repos (repositories) i know what they are but i'm curious how to create and manage them, but i believe studying repos will help me with the IPv6 project (namely YUM and APT as they are the most popular repos)

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