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Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by v_sokolov, Nov 16, 2002.

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    Hello. My system is ASUS A7V333 KTVIA333, AMD ATHLON XP Palomino 2000+; my cooler is EVERCOOL 2800+ (I've never heard of that manifacturer).
    AsUS MB have software heat and fan control system. Here there is what is shows:

    CPU temperature: Usually about 52C, but when I'm playing Unreal 2003 it rises up to 61C.
    MB temperature : Usually about 32C.
    CPU Fan r/m : If my XP is not used the r/m are about 2800, but when I start Unreal they are rised up to 3800 r/m. I almost feel as if my computer will fly!:)

    My questions is:
    1. Are theese temperatures and parametres normal for that hardware?
    Thank you
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    That's fairly normal, AMD themselves recommend not going very far over 65C though they state they can withstand upto 100C.

    Where you are is fine but if you want to throw some extra cooling in it never hurts :).
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    I don't know of that manufacturer either, but the metal that the heatsink itself is composed of will make a difference. If it happens to be aluminum, you might wanna check out something with a copper base, or at least a copper insert. The 2nd thing that could help is having an 80mm fan instead of a 60mm--at equivalent RPM, the 80mm will move more air, and still remain fairly quiet. If you want a silent Athlon system, you'll either have to go water cooling or live with some higher temps. 2800 RPM is pretty slow by today's standards. Fastest thing I have on any box here is a 5500RPM 60mm fan---and that's kinda loud, but not terrible. Much faster and it'll get pretty loud (heard of the infamous Delta 7,000RPM fan ;))

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