Is my USB playing up or one of the devices?

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    How many devices can be powered by the USB ports on a computer?
    I am asking because when I plug my external hard drive (which has mains power as well) into my machine the lights on my keyboard dim. Also when that hard drive is plugged in and I plug in a newer expansion drive (with USB power only), the newer expansion drive won't work at all until I unplug the wifi adapter. And another thing I tried is to plug in the expansion drive and not the external and everything runs fine. Could it be a problem with just that external hard drive instead?

    Here is the specs of my machine:
    cpu: i7 965
    mobo: gigabyte ga ex58 extreme
    power supply: gigabyte odin 1200w
    ram: 6gb gskill 1600ghz
    video card: ati 4870x2
    internal hard drives: 2x western digital velociraptor 300gb.
    cooling: the case has 3 fans plugged into power supply not through mobo and the cpu has a water cooling system that cam with the case.
    case: thermaltake xaser vi.
    USB devices:
    always plugged in:
    basic logitec mouse
    razer lycosa keyboard
    belkin wifi adapter
    only use plug in these hard drive when I need to.
    seagate expansion drive 500gb ( that is only supplied by the usb) this works if i don't plug in the other hard drive.
    western digital my book 500gb (that also has addition power cable to power device).

    Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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