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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Jason P Harris, May 4, 2011.

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    hello everyone

    Let me first say i am NOT against ordering a new part for this, i am just curious if i can TEST it before i have to do so and possibly waste money, i am somewhat good with electronics (having a 9 year IT background) but this stuff is a bit off my normal scale

    the situation

    my uncle brought me a HP slimline S7320n desktop saying the power supply was bad, and he wanted me to fix it, he did not tell me beforehand that it had a weird supply in it, so i told him how much he would pay for a new one and he decided to give me the pc instead as partial payment on his bill for working on his computers,

    I would like to take this power supply (HP 5188-2755) and cut the connector off of it, and rewire it to a normal power supply, i have already cut both the connectors, from here i am a bit stumped, it looks like the color codes on teh wires and even the amount of wires are the same, but in a quick test i attached the green wire (power on) and a black ground wire to the connector but the mobo didnt come on,

    I know im missing something, any help would be great!

    If i dont get a quick response ill just order another supply

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    Welcome to HWF.

    Hopefully you've ordered another PSU :) I thinks its probably a dangerous thing to attempt unless you know what your doing, which I assume you do. Hope the new power supply fixes everything.

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