Issue With Brand New 1070 Gtx

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    Hi All,

    I just bought a GTX 1070 MSI Gaming X and I've got an issue with fan speed.

    The fan tachometer doesn't appear to be working. I cannot get a reading for the fan speed in RPM.

    Afterburner, GPUZ & CPUZ all report 0 rpm. When I change the fan speed in Afterburner... the fan speed does physically ramp up because of the increased noise generated. However, the tachometer still reports 0 rpm and I cannot decrease the fan speed. In order to reset the fan speed I need to power down the computer and restart.

    This is an issue when gaming as the fan will ramp up to what sounds like 100% and will not decrease even when there is no gpu load.

    Should I return?
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    Card has semi passive FAN that can cause problems. I suggest you enable user defined fan speed on Afterburner and see if that works.
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    You should change the new one. I was like you, but have overcome
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