Laptop Display White Screen Problem

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    I have an issue with my laptop display. My laptop type is HP Envy 15 TS J018tx, and the display is touch screen. It usually occurs when I start my laptop. The screen goes white with white and black stripes for a few seconds before returning to normal, as seen here:!Av3jV9ZlSnzl6CIFApmr_gpyA0hU.

    It used to happen once in a while, and now it is getting more frequent, which is almost every time I start my laptop. Once it returns to normal, I can use the laptop just fine without any problem. Since the laptop is out of warranty, I opened up the laptop yesterday to see if there is any lose connector or damaged wiring, and I couldn't find any problem. The white screen issue still persists. However, I did not disassemble the display component, fearing that I may not be able to put them back together.

    In your experience, does this mean it is time to replace the LCD? Or do I need to check the connectors and the wiring again?

    Another problem is that I cannot depend on the local HP service center for an answer. There is only one in my city and it has terrible service. I have a similar laptop sent to the service center before. The laptop had a loose hinge and it couldn't close properly. After about a week in there, I was told to replace the whole LCD and the casing, which cost over half the price of a new laptop. I told them by common sense alone I could see it was just the hinge, and they insisted it was the LCD, etc. In the end, I brought home the laptop unrepaired, and fixed it myself. It turned out there was one loose screw. I put back the screw and it works fine.

    Now back to the other laptop with the white screen problem, what is your recommendation? I mean if I really need to replace the LCD, I will send it over to the service center. If it is just some trivial problems, I will fix it myself. Otherwise, they will tell me to replace this and that and bill me some ridiculous amount of money.


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