Laptop: New Screen Flickering "100% Compatible??"

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    I have a Samsung NP880Z5E with a broken screen (black/pink in one side)

    After dismantling I found out that if moving the buttom of the inner screen itself, the black/pink part disaper/change, as a loose coonection.

    The "original" screen error

    The original screen is a model: AUO B156HAN01.2 for a Samsung NP880Z5E-X01 as said earlier.

    I bought a new screen on Ebay.

    promising either the exact screen or a "100% compatible part number for your screen"
    I recived a N156HGE-EB1, but when but into place it looked like this (flickering): [​IMG]

    I told this to seller, who then sent a new and "guaranteed checked" screen, again a N156HGE-EB1.
    resualt the same [​IMG]

    I have double checked by setting up the old screen the exact same way, and no flickering.

    Is it me who are not seeing something special about my screen, or are the screen not really "100% compatibe"??

    Hope someone can help, thank you.
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    its probably not compatible, or you sure that you connect the cables properly.
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    Never Buy ANY Computer Parts off ebay.. Probably used one or damage in the first place..

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