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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by PRDeerkiller, Mar 7, 2010.

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    im new here (obviously) but not new to moding and i'm stumped. i'm working on a new project and just doing some pre-planning and measuring and got to thinking about my monitor and power supply. i'm building a suitcase pc using all desktop pc components, some plexiglas, and too many leds lol but anyway heres my problem....

    i've been looking for an adapter/connector to go from my power supply to my monitor, for example a molex to three prong monitor power plug. now the monitor i have uses 60 watts so thats not a problem as long as i get the right power supply.

    has anyone stumbled across this sort of thing or would i have to make my own (which i am capable of doing). i was just hoping someone else had found such a thing before i go hacking up some perfectly good wires.


    damn, just realized i didn't change the title to something more helpful.... oh well.


    thinking about it some more this used to never be a problem because some older power supplies had a plug for your monitor on the psu (this i think is no longer the case, but correct me if im wrong)

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