Lcd Display Overdrive / Fast Response Time And Frequency Settings Question

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    I am looking to purchase IPS LCD panel 22" / 24" for home office work

    Intended use would be browsing, office work, some coding, casual gaming, Movies playback etc - on and average 8 - 10 HRS daily usage

    I have checked few monitors online from DELL / ACER / ASUS and BENQ - after looking them I finalized below two models.

    Dell professional series - P2222H - I believe we cannot set frequency beyond 60HZ on this monitor but it has many other functionalities and pretty good warranty support - How is the display quality of this monitor? and can we set 75HZ frequency for 1920x1080 FHD resolution from Display properties?

    Dell Standard Series - DELL S2421H / S2421HN - Both monitors have native 75HZ frequency as per online specifications, is it true? or it is 60HZ ? Both have 8ms normal and 5ms faster response time. If I set response time to 5ms for ever, will it create any issues from stability / picture quality stand point in long run? OR its better to keep 8ms only?

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated

    Thanks Mahesh.

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