Lightbulb joke.

Discussion in 'The War Zone' started by ThePenguinCometh, Aug 9, 2005.

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    This probably isn't the biggest light bulb joke ever written but it's certainly up there! It's not fully completed yet, probably full of typos and bad grammar (apostrophes are a bitch) and there a few other gags which I'd like to put in there somewhere but I'd like to know what you think anyway. Too long? Too short? Doesn't make sense? Anything that should be in there that I missed?

    All feedback welcome - enjoy!

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    I like it! Apart from the constant humor, the lenth of the joke makes it stupid enuf to be funny!

    Im going to send this one to my dad! he used to be a project manager [now a testing team manager] and im sure some of his projects got like this!

    I love it! More!!!!

    hehe! Beacuse of googles AdSence we can all buy lightbulbs from this page! [google adds @ the top of the page]
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    :) good one, lengthy

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