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    ok everybody (from newbies to Linux / Unix guru's) if theres something you don't understand / need help with you should browse to The Geek Scope and look or search for anything you want to understand,
    because their articles are brilliant and explain stuff you didn't even know existed.

    on a side note i'm currently using Slackware64 (Slack64 for short) and as usual i got it working my way by throwing grx drivers at it & obviously a few other stuff, and i have to say it is unlike most distros with the installation abandoning you at a shell prompt (similar to old Dos) however that's not a bad thing, as it forces you to learn, later i'm probably going to make it Multilib (install both 32 and 64bit stuff to make it run 64bit progs on the 64bit part and 32bit stuff on the 32bit part, therby making it truly 64bit
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    Great site! Thanks for the link.
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    I use backtrack 5 for you know what I mean.. :p

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