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Discussion in 'IT Careers and Certification' started by megamaced, Jun 4, 2007.

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    So I am coming to the end of my MCSE, with only exam 70-291 "network infrastructure" left to go. Whilst I have covered some of the topics in Network+, the Microsoft exam goes further and specfically, DNS is giving me a headache!

    Does anyone know where I can find free training videos for DNS? Specfically, what are forward and reverse look-up zones and how do I create them in Windows Server 2003?

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    When you do a forward DNS lookup, it's your system asking something like the following, "I want www.google.com" and the DNS server replying "www.google.com is at 64.233.169". A little over simplified, but you get the picture. Conversely, a reverse lookup is asking for the opposite. "Is there a pointer record for 64.233.169?" And DNS replies: "www.l.google.com".

    To me it sounds like you don't need a video per se, but more of a general overview of how DNS works. Domain name system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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