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    1. What DHCP option can be set on a ISC DHCP server to tell NETBIOS clients that the WINS server has the IP address 19168.1.2?
    A.option netbioswinsservers;
    B.option winsnetbiosservers;
    C.option winsnameservers;
    D.option netbiosnameservers;
    Answer: D

    2. Which command will import an smbpasswd file located in /etc/samba to a TDB data file?
    ______ i smbpassd:/etc/samba/smbpasswd
    Answer: pdbedit

    3. After installing a network with one Samba server and several clients, users are complaining that they receive an Unable to browse the network error when trying to visit a public share. What is the most likely cause of this?
    A.The user entered the wrong username and/or password.
    B.The nmbd process is not running on the Samba server.
    C.The user hasn't mapped the share to a local drive letter yet.
    D.The Samba server is not configured as a Domain Master Browser.
    Answer: B

    4. Which of the following are true of CIFS? (Choose TWO correct Answers)
    A.Filenames can be in any character set.
    B.Filenames can have a maximum length of 127 characters.
    C.Unlike SMB, CIFS is not optimized for slow network connections.
    D.Opportunistic Locks are supported.
    Answer: AD

    5. Which file contains the information that is retrieved by the following command:
    # net getlocalsid SID for domain SERVER is: S152120043211811294720513754763961
    Answer: A

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    If you can provide more that would be better.

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