Massive Attack - Collected.... MASSIVE!!!

Discussion in 'Concert Hall' started by sabashuali, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Don't know about you but I only knew a handfull of songs before this collection, most of them from the best selling Mezanine. I did not really get the point then and the only reason I borrowed it from a freind was Teardrop. Now, some years down the line, something must have changed. Probably the fact that they really have concentrated the best of the best in this 2 CD addition.

    If like me you are not a Massive attack expert or maybe got hooked on one or two hits, this is a brilliant summery and really captures the essence of this amazing band.

    Highly recomended! Gets 5 stars in my chart.

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    I quite liked some of their ealier stuff. Might check it out.

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