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    Hi everyone ( first I have to say sorry about my english I will try do my best to explain what I'm looking for )

    At a moment I'm using a Samsung LS32E590C . Because my son wanna use this monitor ( xbox one ) I have to buy a monitor for myself 8)

    New monitor will be used as external with Asus R.O.G g752VY (GTX 980m ) .

    What I'm looking for :

    +75hz ( I'm not sure but I seen few complain about gtx 980m.users say doesn't support +100hz)
    27"-32" size ( HDMI , Displayport , USB )
    IPS , VA

    If any of u think 1440p to high for gtx980m I will buy only FHD display. I'm prefer RPG games .( Lost Ark , Lineage Eternal etc )

    Price range around £500

    Thank u

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