Mouse Freeze and PSU problem

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    Hey guys, I've been having some weird problems with computer and cant seem to fix it.

    The first one being, my mouse seems to freeze frequently, like every 3-5 seconds. So I googled a LOT and tried most of the solutions on it, infact one of those even ruined my OS :|

    So here's what all I tried and MY conclusion about it.
    ->I uninstalled the drivers and reconnected the mouse. (Didn't work)
    ->I checked for updates to drivers for the mouse (Didn't work and thus must not be a driver problem)
    ->I installed the software provided by the mouse (Didn't work, just made my sensitivity higher and I wasn't able to control the mouse so uninstalled it.)
    ->I tried some registry key thing which just ruined my system (Didn't work.)
    ->Because of the ruined OS, I reinstalled windows 7 (Concluded that it has nothing to do with software since it resets registries to default values)
    -> I tried plugging it into all the different USB ports there (Mouse problem maybe? , cuz keyboard also works fine in any slot.)
    ->Tried it on my friends computer (Worked there so It's not the mouse' problem)

    And also the mouse seems to work when I lift it and shake it a bit but goes unresponsive after sometime so I have to repeat this every time it gets stuck.

    So I guessed it was some issue with the power. I bought my UPS back, since this issue came a few days after the UPS had problems.

    Any help for this would be appreciated!

    Problem 2 : Fast spinning fan

    One day, all of a sudden I noticed that one of the fans in my computer was spinning really fast, REALLY fast, by the sound it seemed to be well over 2.5k RPM. So I switched it off to see if the thermal paste dried out.
    It didn't, so the next time I decided to check which fan it was that was causing the problem. So I opened speedfan when it started spinning faster. It isn't both of the fans (1 Chassis fan, 1 Heatsink fan). So it definitely had to be the PSU's fan since the others were operating at otherwise normal speeds.
    Also, the CPU and Core weren't heating up, so it must not have been a wrong fan reading.

    Tech Specs :-

    (From Piriform Speccy)

    Motherboard Voltages :

    CPU Specs :

    Please feel free to ask questions and provide suggestions

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