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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sachaos, Mar 16, 2003.

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    I would really appreciate any feedback. This is kind of complicated. Well I have a gigabyte 7v-axp motherboard using a ps/2 mouse. Yesterday some water was spilt on my keyboard and mouse (not by me)...anyway keyboard and mouse did not work anymore. Got a new keyboard and mouse.Keyboard works fine but mouse does not. The mouse will move but will not recognize any kind of click. The left mouse button occasionally responds and the right never does. When the left mouse button does work it does not work properly. I have tried using the mouse in a usb port and still does not work. Updated the driver from microsoft but I have ruled out it being a driver problem since I dual boot with Linux and the mouse does not work in linux. So now im leaning on being a motherboard problem..but it is odd that the mouse can move fine without a problem and does light up when windows starts..etc..The only thing I could thing of is the bus that the clicks go through on the motherboard maybe shorted out? Im stumped...Any help? PLEASE...
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    What brand & model of mouse is it?

    I'm guessing that if your old mouse was working that it's probably more likely a problem with the mouse and not the motherboard.
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    The port you're using may be bad. Many mice today come USB ready and come with a PS/2 adapter, so try the port type you're not using and see if that fixes anything. Also, they have PS/2 to USB adapters, but they haven't shipped with PS/2 only mice as far as I've seen.
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    He said that he did try the USB and it had the same problem. Its not the MOBO if the usb has the same problem as the ps2.

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