MSI K8T Neo2 FIR; Cooler Master Hyper 6 reviews

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    [H]ard|OCP has another MSI Socket 939 motherboard on tap.

    The MSI K8T Neo2 is one of the first VIA K8T800Pro motherboards that we have really been able to turn loose on with the Front Side Bus up to 260MHz. Many enthusiasts have been waiting for this board. The MSI K8T Neo2 was solid, stable, and fast. MSI did a good really good job designing this board. Seeing it stand up to the performance of ASUS and ABIT motherboards is very reassuring. MSI does however very much need the BIOS engineers to revisit this board and straighten out some of the quirky issues. The MSI K8T Neo2 is just a few memory tweaks and fixes away from being “HardOCP Must Have Hardware,” as it seems to have the ability to be an enthusiast screamer.

    Close, but no cigar. Still, MSI does make pretty good stuff, and I'm sure they'll have the problems fixed pretty soon. You can read that review over here.

    PC Perspective reviews the gigantic monstrosity Cooler Master has dubbed the Hyper 6.

    The Cooler Master Hyper 6 heatsink fan incorporates six heat pipes to transfer heat out of the solid copper base and up into a large array of copper fins. A single 80mm fan comes with the cooler but optionally two fans can be mounted via an integrated aluminum shroud. The Hyper 6 cooler is big and beautiful. It stands a full 120mm (4-3/4”) high and weighs in at 998g (35.2 oz) not including fans or mounting hardware. This is without a doubt the largest and heaviest HSF I have tested to date. The Hyper 6 HSF uses a universal mount that works with both Intel P4 (socket 478) and AMD K8 (socket 754/740) platforms.

    I haven't seen this thing in person, but it's downright massive. From the reviews I've read, I'm a little squemish at putting this beast in one of my rigs.
    However, it does have some pretty good cooling, which is always a good thing. For any current K8 socket or Socket 478, you might want to look into the Hyper 6.
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    I've got the Hyper6 in my rig. It really is a massive heatsink. I couldnt even fit the support base on top of my cpu correctly, had to squeeze it in. But i love it.
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    wow thats bigger than mine! and i thought mine was big, i think you'd have to put some mounts in there to keep it from ripping you motherboard out. (unless of course you have a re-inforced motherboard :p

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