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Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by woodmaster, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Hi there this is my 3rd pc that I built myself it's a gaming system so I thought I'd see what you guys thought.
    Hyper Type R 580W
    Gigabyte GAM57SLI S4
    AMD Athalon dual core 3800+
    Geforce 7600GT/To be upgraded to SLI
    Value 1gb ddr2 Ram/To be upgraded to 2gb
    Samsung 250gig sata HDD
    Akasa All In one card reader and 2 fan controler
    Thermaltake mini typhon cpu cooler/Might change this as its rubbing shoulders with the memory
    Jeantech Aqua case
    Pioneer DD DTS 75w x 5 amp
    Yamaha 5.1 speakers
    Samsung SyncMaster 205BW widescreen Monitor.

    Temp whilst typing this on cpu is 29.5c
    Temp on hte 7600gt is 37.5c, do these figures seem ok
    Any tips are welcome:cool:
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    wat games do u play wid it, and how fast can the fps get at 1280x1024?

    i'm planning on building a system similar to that, but with a core 2 duo.

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