my wd passport corrupted asks for formating?

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by Najeeb Kt, Mar 17, 2013.

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    my external hard disk is corrupted
    when i was formatting a computer i kept this connected
    it was shown unfortunately D:
    as thumbnail it asked me to format d
    accidentally i just started formatting and suddenly cancelled
    but still this asking me to format for using
    i tried check disk command on command prompt
    but it says chkdsk is not possible in RAW file system
    may be the file list on that hard disk is lost how can i resolve this issue
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    In Cmd it shows you : RAW file system
    that mean your HDD ( Hard Drive ) has no file system in it ...
    RAW in english means - Not ready Not cooked
    So you must have your device formated in order to use that again ...
    if you had somthing important in it and you want it back
    you need to check several companies that can restore your data
    but that thing is gonna cost you some

    Wish you good luck
    and a nice beautiful day :D

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