Mysterious issue, no answers online

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by jaggy, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Thanks for lending your expertise, i suppose one of you networking gurus might have an answer to this interesting problem. As far as I know, there are some people who had this happen to them but noone has any "TIER 3" answers, and obviously no fix stories.

    So, let's get to it.

    -Ethernet adapter crashes, but not exactly. Status appears connected, but there is absolutely no data going through.

    -Only fix so far? - reboot

    -Problems started happening after a clean install of Windows.. which was after a nasty virus corrupted my boot sector (on a different hard drive)

    -Occurs semi-randomly, when certain applications are used. In my case: Vuse Bit torrent Client and Skype. But only sometimes - by that I mean it only occurs when either of those two apps are used but not always.

    -Enabling and disabling the Network adapter is impossible unless the ethernet cable is unplugged. (ip does not renew)

    -Connection does not resume still, until the PC is rebooted.

    -Connection is unreasonably laggy when transferring P2P data over Vuze

    -When you throw Firefox into the combination, things are less random in the way that they almost always crash my connections! ><

    -My connection terminates a few seconds after transfers start (but only sometimes)


    My stuff:
    780i sli chipset with Q4 2009 drivers
    Surfboard 5100 cable modem
    No wireless, No router (direct ethernet connection)

    Windows XP SP2 fully updated
    AVG (resident shield enabled)
    Windows firewall
    Tea Timer (in normal mode)

    Connection speed: 2.88Mbps v .48 ^
    No packet loss (300 sent 300 received on last test)

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    I think that you've probably considered this already but I'll put it out there anyway - I have had similar issues with IBM Thinkpad's and their WLAN adapters. These would just not work for some reason. That is - on some networks they do, on some they just don't and that's that.
    For instance - a native, favorite network is simply not shown on the available network list while all other PCs around me find that network and use it easily and in a quite stable manor. It is only when I connect to a unprotected WLAN nearby and disconnect from that network, that the PC suddently connects to the favorite network it didn't even see before! OK, I admit that WLAN problems are often somewhat different form wired LAN problems, but you get the idea.

    My point is: I think it's a freak Hardware-Software incompatibility issue. Try all available driver versions for that adapter. Try checking whether a BIOS upgrade has a fix to this and flash your BIOS.

    If that doesn't help it - buy a goddamn PCI adapter and live on. :D
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    Thanks man, will try those. Funny thing, NOTHING ever happened to my previous installation of XP, for two whole years, not a single problem, and then a virus killed it all so now there's this bullshit on a fresh install. grrr.. thanks again.

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