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Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by Nulla Pax, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Hi all.

    I've had problems with my last couple of builds so I figured I'd get some feedback for this next one.

    Motherboard = MSI 990FXA
    CPU = AMD FX8350
    Graphics = MSI GTX 970 4 Gig
    RAM = HyperX Savage, 2 x 8Gig 2133 DDR3
    SSD = Crucial MX200, 500Gig
    PSU = Corsair CX850M - Replaced with Corsair RM850
    Windows 7

    There will also be a couple of bits from my present system in it,

    Crucial BX100 120Gig SSD (I plan to put the OS on this)
    Western Digital Blue 1Tb (mass storage. Photos, Music etc.)

    Basically I'd just like to know if anyone can see any glaring incompatibility problems here.
    I prefer AMD and Nvidia and have always had good results with MSI kit so I'm sticking to those.

    I was going to go,

    Motherboard = Asus Crosshair V formula-Z
    CPU = AMD FX9590

    but I have read that the 9590 isn't worth the extra expense over the 8350 and with the need for a more

    expensive motherboard to power the CPU it seems sensible to go 8350. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks all.
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    For GPU, take something else, like R9 390. GTX970 has only 3.5GB usable (fast) memory and also badly lacks Directx 12 features. Also not good for VR.

    For PSU, take something with better quality. Corsair CX is medium at most.

    Windows 7 is old or very cheap? For full price, get Windows 10 Retail.

    FX-9590 needs watercooling system and expensive motherboard. That is basically FX-8350 overclocked to maximum, not recommended. So go with FX-8350.
  3. Nulla Pax

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    Thanks Mystic.

    I'm scared of AMD cards. They have let me down badly in the past so I now cling to Nvidia.
    When Nvidia treat me bad then I will reassess the situation.

    Win 7 is just a case of it works so don't try to fix it.

    Nice confirmation on the CPU and I'm off now to look into that PSU.

    Cheers man.
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  4. Nulla Pax

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    Gone for the RM850.
    It comes with a lot more outlet options as well by the look of things.
  5. Big B

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    The RM line has some issues. Corsair was aware of it, but I'm not sure if they actually fixed it yet. A Seasonic 600-650W would be a great choice. Unless you plan to run SLI or Crossfire in the future, 850W is overkill.

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