nForce 4 Preview; Athlon 64 4000+ & FX-55

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    With the recent cancellation of the 4GHz Pentium 4, this news isn't good for Intel. PC Perspective goes over a couple AMD-related things: the nForce 4 and a couple of new CPU's from AMD.

    First the nForce 4 Preview:

    The new feature set of the nForce4 boards is pretty impressive. The list is even longer than it was on the NF3 Ultra boards, adding a new and improved software and hardware firewall with a lot of networking protection that users can get for free with their NF4 motherboard and Forceware download. The addition of Native Command Queueing to the SATA controller puts the NVIDIA storage controller almost on par with that of the ICH6 series from Intel; the one exception is the Matrix RAID feature that I like so much. Though there is no SoundStorm on the NF4 chipset like some of you may have hoped, the additions that NVIDIA did make should do you well.

    No SoundStorm...that sucks, but the NF4 still is pretty impressive.

    And the Athlon 64 4000+ & Athlon FX-55:

    The AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor is the fastest gaming processor we have ever seen at PC Perspective -- there is simply no denying that. The Athlon 64 4000+, which is really just a renamed FX-53, settles into a price point that had been unoccupied by any other processor and is still a great performer. While I can't simply recommend that everyone go out and get the first FX-55 they can find simply because of its price point, if you are in the market for the absolute best when it comes to performance, you're money shouldn't be spent anywhere else.

    And the whole thing is over here.

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