nVidia SLI=meh?

Discussion in 'News and Article Comments' started by Big B, Jan 20, 2005.

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    SLI is still in it's infancy, but the guys over @ the [H] have a few critiques of it and why it may not work for everything.

    Interestingly enough, NVIDIA has added synthetic benchmark tests to the SLI support list. It's here you will find Aquamark3, 3DMark2003 and 2005, as well as Code Creatures. [SARCASM]It is nice to know NVIDIA is spending their time creating SLI profiles for synthetic benchmarks.[/SARCASM]

    If I owned a couple of GeForce 6800 Ultras in SLI right now, I'd be a little ticked at the performance delta I paid for and may not be getting. Hopefully, nVidia will get this sorted out pronto. Just another reason not to jump on the SLI bandwagon just yet.

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