odd problem with electricty making HDD devices feel wierd when i move them

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by burgerman, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Sometimes i have to add or remove harddrives to one of my two machines when i move things about or do tests and there's this weird feeling that happens when i switch off the computer and begin to disconnect it.

    If i hold the harddrive in my hand when its just been turned off i feel some kind of magnetic twisting action - its like the harddrive is almost trying to turn over in my hand by itself. I've never move it when the computer was on though, this is right after i switch it off.. and it happens with every harddrive i've ever used this way


    I also get this if i pick up a removable harddrive enclosure right after its been switched off or if its plugged in and on and i pick it up.

    is this a sign i have bad wiring in my home? any ideas on whats going on ?

    I still get this thing happen if i touch the metal case with the machine off but power cord still plugged in (in case i wasn't grounded properly as i am on synthetic carpet)
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    hey welcome to HWF

    the "magnetic twisting action" as u call it is perfectly normal, the platters inside the drive are spinning very fast that causes a gyroscope effect

    when you turn off the pc you should wait about 10 second before moving a hard drive to let it stop spinning you can cause permiment dammage to the drive if you move it while the drive is spinning, likewise with the external one

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