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Which PSU is BEST ????

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  1. Corsair

  2. Seasonic

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  3. CoolerMaster

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  4. ThermalTake

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  5. Tagan

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  1. ravi23071988

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    My PC Config :-

    Screen : Samsung Syncmaster 740n 17'' LCD.
    UPS : APC Back ES 500
    Motherboard : Intel 82945 GCCR
    Ram : 2 GB Kingston DDR2 667
    HDD : Segate Barracuda 1 TB 7200 + Segate Barracuda 160 GB 7200:cool:.
    Processor : Intel Pentium D(Dual Core) 3.00 GHz:):).
    PSU : Solitier 500w.
    DVD_+ RW : LG multi Layer
    Speaker : Creative 2.1 370 SSB
    GPU : :D:DXFX 9800 GTX+ 512 MB DDR3 PCI 16x1:D:D(new not installed).

    Please Please Please .....friends suggest the Best PSU.....
    I m begging....... i m new in this field...
    should i go for Corsair or CoolerMaster ???????????????

    MY BUDGET for PSU is around Rs. 4500.
    And i m thinking of wattage around 600W to 650w..........
    Please friends........reply....

    i m waiting to get answers ...
  2. NumbWarri0r

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    Out of those choices I would go with a Corsair, and you don't need that much power for your machine unless you plan on upgrading later.
  3. donkey42

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    well the PSU market (as every market) is in a constant state of flux (changing daily) so for advise i'd recommend for accurate upto the minute advise or B's excellent PSU Sticky

    but also by only offering: Corsair, Seasonic, CoolerMaster, ThermalTake, Tagen even though i chose Corsair Too

    i think Seasonic were bad but only on one model from their range, & personally i have an old Tagen PSU however i got the Tagen ages ago when Tagen was excellent but you need to know why a PSU is bad, i think Tagen were considered bad after the company didn,t comment or respond in a satisfactory manor or didn't replace a faulty PSU, so that doesn't mean my Tagen PSU is bad

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