Possible issues w/ omega and old nforce drivers

Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by harrack52, Jul 4, 2004.

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    When I got my new video card I installed the omega 4.6 drivers. My chipset drivers were the 3.13 ones.

    I was seeing checkerboard artifacts over shadows in RavenShield.

    I was afraid it was my card but then I uninstalled my display drivers as well as the chipset drivers and cleaned the rest using Driver Cleaner.

    Then I installed the latest nforce drivers (4.24) and the omega 4.5 drivers and the problem is gone.

    I'm not sure if I had done something wrong when I first uninstalled my 9200 (I didn't do anything other than what I normally do) or if there's a compatibility problem with these drivers and older nforce drivers (I wasn't getting these issues in ut2k4) but all I know is I had problems before and now they're gone.

    Just wanted to point that out in case someone is ever faced with a similar issue.

    Like I said, I do not know what exactly was causing this but the nforce 4.24 / omega 4.5 combination works like a charm.
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    Intresting. I tend to stick with the same drivers unless I have a problem.

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