Power supply replacement - what mistake did I make?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Luke Lockhart, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. I'm upgrading an off-the-shelf PC with a standard ATX power supply; the specific model is an HP Pavilion 6710F. I changed out a number of parts, and as I've not built a computer since 2003, I'm pretty sure I made some sort of newbie error. I'm prepared for bad news if I've damaged or ruined something, but at this stage, I'm not even sure what to try replacing.

    To describe in as much detail as possible what I've done: I removed the old power supply and replaced it with one of higher wattage. This is where I made my first mistake - I didn't carefully note which cables I had to unplug. It's entirely possible that I've missed one. In any case, I installed a new video card in the motherboard's PCI16 slot; it has a direct-to-PSU power connection setup, which I connected; and I reconnected the motherboard's main connector, which was of the same standard ATX style as the one in the old PSU - it's not proprietary, I verified that before buying anything. I reconnected all of the drives like the HDD and the disc drive. I checked for loose screws and the like and powered the box on.

    The power supply powers on; so does a green light on the motherboard itself. The video card is receiving power and spinning its fan, as is the CPU and the spare case fan. It doesn't beep, but it also doesn't boot. I tried plugging in the integrated video to the monitor as well as the new video card; neither outputs. Also, Windows plays a sound on boot (and the speakers are plugged in), so unless I somehow fried the sound card, it isn't booting.

    What's most likely the problem?

    Motherboard specs: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...60084&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&product=5049513#N384
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    did you plug in the suplimental power connector to the mother board? its the white 4 pin plug located near the CPU.

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    I join to the question from the User who sent that MSG listed above
    and i can add one more ...
    Did you or did you not had have checked the capacitors soldered on that Sound Card and that Video Card ...
    if not , you can do a "Jumper" to you BIOS ( I meant to do a Reset to you BIOS )
    after inserting your V Card and your Sound card ...
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    the first culprit would be the PSU & the second would be RAM

    will the system boot or not because you say it doesn’t boot however, Windows plays a sound on boot, so which is it please ?

    can you replace the RAM with a known working module ?
    can you also try a known working PSU ?
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    What happens if you remove the video card and use onboard video ? can you use the default power supply ?

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