Problem With Gpu Drivers

Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by Fábio Martins, Jun 29, 2017.

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    SO I've had this problem for a while, contacted a couple of support for nvidia, asus etc with no luck and am trying to still find a solution.
    My problem is that currently, most of the newer games I buy and download crash, and I know it's most likely to be a driver problem. I'm using a nvidia and intel hd graphics driver from 2013 ( since they're the only ones that function properly, except on newer games since they're obviously too old.
    I've tried numerous ways to update them, with numerous versions of drivers to no luck (I remove drivers with DDU, followed by intel driver installation, and then the nvidia one). Intel driver seems to work properly after updated, but the nvidia hasn't worked once except with the old 2013 driver. Right now it's pretty frustrating because I can not run most of the newer software I download, due to this problem.

    ASUS X550LB
    OS: Windows 10
    Intel i5-4200U
    nVidia GT 740M
    6GB RAM

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