Problem With The Intel Hd Graphic Card On Asus N55sf

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    Thank you for having me in your forums,
    This is my first thread as i seek your help,

    I have an Asus N55SF laptop,
    i have a problem with the intel graphic(i think, well that's what i found out so far),
    the screen always gets black (with some liltle white dots on the left side of the screen),
    And when i gently hit the pc (on the left side to be specific where the logos on windows and intel are),
    sometimes the screen gets back to normal, and sometimes i have to hit harder.
    Now when i open a game(dota2 for example) or anything that uses the nVidia graphic cards, this problem cease to happen, even when i let it run on the background i dont get this problem.
    When i plug the pc (using HDMI or VGA) to an external monitor(datashow or TV), the screen of the pc gets black,
    but the external monitor dosnt.
    So i concluded that this is all the intel HD graphic fault.

    So is turning off/disabling the intel graphic card, and force the pc to using the nVidia card instead all the time would fix this(i dont care about how much energy it take, the battery dosnt work anymore anyways).

    I tried to disable it from the "Device Manager" (i'm using windows 8.1), i get a warning, and when i press ok the screen goes black and i cant do anything to restore it.
    I also tried to go to BIOS, but i couldnt find any option related to the graphic card,
    here s what i have in BIOS:
    Under advanced:
    One more thing, is the intel HD graphic is on it's own chip (its own card) or it is "in" the CPU itself, cause i tried to find it on my motherboard, but couldnt.

    Thank you, and i appreciate your help, this is really important to me, cause hitting ur pc to restore the picture is really embarrassing specially in front of other people.
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    That is quite ovbious problem. Your laptop tries to use Intel for light loads and Nvidia for high loads. That balancing just sucks and it causes problems.

    On CPU itself.

    My suggestion is that you check all available tweaks on Nvidia driver settings. From there you probably can find way to force Nvidia GPU on use all (or at least) most of the time. BIOS don't seem to cointain anything that helps.

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